Misc Notes:



Y112, F163, F227, & F245 rod bearings may be "staggered" or "one-way".  Set the bearing face down, align the oil holes and observe the position of the notch.

Y112 main bearings may be flanged or thrust washer type. 

Our valves for the Continental series are "keeper" type. (As opposed to the "pin" type.)



Pin bushing sets are available in two lengths: 30 mm and 33.7 mm.




Intake and exhaust valves may have either square or round keeper grooves.


Main bearing sets are available in two standard sizes: 60 mm (2.3622 in) or 66 mm (2.5984 in.)




F02 vs H02

Depending on the applications of the engine, either F02 or H02, the oil pump and pto chain are different.


Front seals for engines in Komatsu & TCM are different from those used in Nissans.   The seal dimensions for the Komatsu & TCM are 39.7 x 62 x 11 mm.

Kit valves are narrow-grooved.  Wide-grooved valves are also available.


Kits include either single or double width chains.




Main bearing sets may be either flanged or thrust washer type. There are two possible thrust washer  types, early or late.  Early models have a serial number less than or equal to 160000.

Valves are either one or two-grooved.  Very early 5R's also used a two-grooved valve, but of a different configuration than the kit valves             


Valves may be either one or two-grooved.

Overhaul gasket sets may contain front gaskets for either chain or gear-driven pumps.


Overhaul gaskets sets may contain front gaskets for either chain or gear-driven pumps.


H engines may have one of four different head gaskets.




There are three possible head gaskets for the XD3P.  They have notches on one end to identify the thickness as follows:

# Thickness (mm)
2 1.53
3 1.63
4 1.73



There are enough variations on Perkins engines that you need to provide the "build list" number when ordering.  The build list consists of a two-character "engine family" and a 5 digit parts list number.  The rest of the engine number contains information about the country of origin, engine serial number, and year of manufacture.  For 4.236 the build list begins with "LD", while a G4.236 begins with "LE".



Both the D155G and the D176G have three possible "standard" rod bearing sizes. They could be 1.75", 2.00", or 2.25". 

There also exists a D155GA.  It uses the same piston and pin bushings as the D176G.